Help! How do I know which tier to choose? Each tier represents a level of complexity. Examples above show what you can expect from each tier. If you don't know what tier you'd like to choose, send me your commission request. I'll let you know if your requirements fit into a particular tier better than the others. Likewise, I may suggest that you move up or down a tier if your requirements / expectations don't fit into the tier you've selected.

I don't see any romance/horror/literary fiction/etc covers in your examples. I work in the genres people commission me to make, so if you don't see your particular genre represented, that doesn't mean I don't make those kinds of covers!

Can I see more samples of work? If you email me, I may be able to provide more work samples. More importantly, if you email me, you can send me reference images of what you are interested in commissioning. I can work in different styles based on your project's needs.

Did any of these covers require stock images? Yes, the Burn standard cover required a single stock image.

What if I like the look the basic/standard tier more than standard/premium? Choose which tier appeals to you best! The differences between the tiers isn't just in the complexity of design, but also in the amount of pre-design input / number of revisions that you have. If you like the look of the basic tier, and only want a minimal amount of involvement in the design--then it will be the best fit.

Is there any fine print attached to the commission process? Yes, a little. I retain the right to display work that I do on commission on my portfolio, and eventually, in a printed compliation of my work. You will always be credited as my client, and I will provide links / information about the company / website / project / book for which the piece was commissioned. You retain the right to use the artwork in the context it was commissioned for, and for any other reasonable derivative of its original use.